Planning, designing, and furnishing interior environments of residential and commercial buildings, from the apartments in New York City, to mansions in the Hamptons and California. Confer with clients to determine architectural preferences, purpose and function of environment, budget, types of construction, equipment to be installed, and other factors which effect planning interior spaces.

Integrate findings with knowledge of interior design and formulate environmental plan to be practical, esthetic, beautiful, trendy, and conducive for intended purposes, such as raising productivity and improving life style and complementing the best qualities of the clients.

Advice clients on Interior Design factors, such as space planning, layout and utilization of furnishings and equipment, color schemes, and color co-ordination.

Render design ideas in the form of CAD, paste-ups, drawings, and illustrations. Estimate material requirements and costs, and present designs for client approval. Select and purchase of fine furnishings, artwork, fabrics, accessories and other materials.

Fabrication and installation of flooring, window treatments, paints, wall-coverings, custom carpentry, electrical, lighting for special effects, acoustics, fire-place, trims & crown moldings, stair cases, kitchen & bath, plants and accessories.

Vijaya Lingala